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Most of the people asked me, how can we get rid of negative thoughts? This question is very close to my heart, because I asked same question to different people for several years.

I read many books and heard several audios related to these. And then I found the answer.

You cannot stop thoughts to come in your mind, you can just switch your thinking from negative to positive. And for that you must feed positive information in your mind throughout the day on regular basis.


Things you must do :

  1. Always try to see and find out good things in bad people or any bad incident/situation.

  2. Always have respect for yourself (You only know the journey of your life and all ups and downs you went through).

  3. Try to read good books/ articles regularly. Suggested timings are before you go to sleep and after you wake up.

  4. Meditate at least for 5 to 10 minutes regularly. (Best timing are before you go to sleep or Just after you wake up).

  5. Have self talk. It is going to help you to understand yourself.

  6. Make friends who have positive approach towards life.

  7. Try to do Yoga on regular basis.

  8. If you are religious, then spend some time in religious activities.

  9. Do charity or help some needy people sometimes. You will feel amazing.

  10. Subscribe some good magazines, websites (Like, audio and video from where you can get good and positive information regularly.

  11. Whenever you have negative thoughts in your mind, just take a pause and re-tune your mind.

  12. Start trusting people. Nobody is going to harm you. But your negative thinking definitely going to damage your health.


Things you should never do:-


  1. Never judge anyone. You do not know both the sides of coin.

  2. Stop feeding negative news and information in your mind and brain by any means. ( Try to avoid watching news and reading news paper at least for 3 hours once you wake up and three hours before you go to sleep).

  3. Avoid people who always talk negative. People who always see negativity in this world.

Generally we get worry and then series of negative thoughts comes in our mind.  But always remember one thing generally we worry for those things which is never going to happen. If you do not believe me, just have a look of your past.

Always have faith in God.


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Rashmi Rishi








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सद्ग्रंथो में से छोटी छोटी कथाओ को सरल शब्दों में आपके सामने प्रस्तुत करने की एक कोशिश है. इसके अलावा जो मनुष्य की मानसिक शांति, भावनात्मक तथा आध्यात्मिक स्तर पर उन्नति करने में सहायता कर सके उन बातो को यहाँ कहानी अथवा आलेख में प्रस्तुत किया जाता है. आप लोगो का साथ तथा आशीर्वाद बना रहे, ईश्वर से यही विनम्र प्रार्थना है. अगर आपको ये कथाएँ अथवा आलेख पसंद आये तो उन्हें दुसरो के साथ अवश्य शेयर करे तथा सनातन धर्म के प्रचार प्रसार में सहयोगी बने. धन्यवाद. रश्मि ऋषि नोट : यहाँ जो भी कहानी प्रस्तुत की जा रही है वो मेरी अपनी रचना नहीं है बल्कि मेने इन्हे कही से पढ़ा है या सुना है. उन्ही को हिंदी में सरल शब्दों में आपके सामने प्रस्तुत किया है.

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